Little Seeds

Our Clinic & Rehabilitation center is the first pediatric clinic of Chhattisgarh state which is specialized for pediatric rehabilitation. We provide qualitative treatment which is evidenced based treatment service for your children. We are working for the CHILD WITH SPECIAL NEEDS (CWSN).

We provide physiotherapy treatment, Occupational therapy treatment & speech therapy facilities & Doctors for our different treatment approaches because we believe in quality of treatment.

We are the movement specialists for babies, children and adolescents; our treatment is based on NDT (Neuro Development Therapy) which is a problem solving assessment & treatment approach for children with neurological impairments or delay in their motor skills, SI (Sensory Integration), Vestibular Rehabilitation strengthening exercises & reeducation programs.

Our therapists are trained in NDT therapeutic handling, assessment, observation & movement analysis. We believe on early intervention program because as early as you start the treatment of your child with special need, you will get better result in your child ability. Our aim is to make your child functional & independent in his her life.